Strata Desk


I observed that home office printers take up a large portion of desk space limiting the users’ workspace. Therefore I designed a desk which allows for storage of large peripherals such as printers, desktop computers, shredders ect... without compromising legroom.

Design & Development

After coming up with many solutions through drawings and sketch models I finally consolidated a design. I then created a full-size card model to check proportions and help to visualize the idea.


I created a full-size functioning prototype of my desk design using the University of Plymouths facilities. This journey allowed me to learn new practical processes and understand the techniques used in the construction of large furniture pieces.


Strata is a flat-pack multi-layered home office appliance friendly desk. The adjustable shelf allows for storage for large peripherals. The large open work space and rounded edges are clean and soft to touch. Strata includes subtle but detailed features such as cable management and a small possession compartment.

Presentation & Journey

I created a presentation and marketing material to support my desk design. I produced various CAD models, renders and technical drawings using Fusion360 and Adobe Creative Suite.