Key Storage


This was one of my first university modules about the experimentation of new processes. I decided to make use of the new facilities in the maker lab. We began the project by learning Rhino which I spontaneously used to create a windmill to 3D print. This was my first experience using 3D printing and is what inspired me to build my own 3D printer.

Rhino Modelling

Using Rhino I created this structure to house the key loop attachments by experimenting with the new tools I had learnt.

3D Printing

I was the able to 3D print my design to scale using the FlashForge's in the maker lab to create a physical model.

3D Printing

I carried out the same process to design the key loops which slot into the structure I previously printed.

Laser Cutting

I then used AutoCAD to recreate the same key storage structure and exported it into Adobe Illustrator so that it could be laser cut from MDF.

Laser Cutting

The laser cut design was made up of three layers of 9mm thick MDF and used hidden neodymium magnets to attach to a surface. I made the laser cut key loop compartments the same as the 3D printed version so that the same loops could be used as seen in the photograph.


During the summer after completing my first year of university I decided to remodel this design in SolidWorks. I uploaded the new version to Thingiverse for the public to create their own through 3D Printing. After making a few alterations and producing a few test pieces on my own printer I uploaded it to