Bosch Headphones Mock-up

Bosch's Brand Voice

This was a short project at university which looked at combining a product with a brand you wouldn’t associate it with. I was given the task of linking Bosch with a pair of commercial headphones to move them into a new market. I started the brief by looking at their current brand and market segmentation.

New User Group

After some research I decided to aim the headphones towards a teenage market because currently Bosch’s products are aimed at older generations such as home owners or tradesmen. I researched into the characteristics of teenagers and highlighted their key attributes, associated brands and products they may use.

CAD Concept

After drawing various designs, I used Fusion360 to model and develop a pair of headphones which I believed would be trendy enough for teenagers. I used part of Bosch’s logo to create an iconic representation of their brand on the headphone casing.