Upcycled Copper Pipe - Spaghetti Portioner


At the beginning of my second year of university we looked at how we could upcycle copper pipe into a new functioning product. As a group we decided to use our copper to create a spaghetti portioner with the added function of a trivet. We looked at making a kitchen utensil as copper has natural antimicrobial properties.


Using the University of Plymouth’s metal workshop, we flattered the copper pipe and rounded the sections into 5 appropriate portion sizes. We then used brazing to connect each of the loops together and then cleaned the copper using wet and dry paper.


We then added wooden feet to the copper using dowels so that it could also be used as a trivet. The feet suggest to the user that the product could also be used as an aesthetical ornament on the kitchen worktop appose to being hidden away in a draw.


Here is the outcome of our group upcycled copper pipe project. We believe that our design used minimal process and additional material to produce something which ultimately has a much higher value than its original form.