CyanogenMod Themes

In 2016 I began to produce Cyanogen Mod theme packs using Android Developer Studio and a OnePlus One to emulate my applications. The first theme I released on the Google Play store was called ‘Glaze’. With Glaze being more successful than I expected I released another three different themes which can all still be purchased from the Google Play store today. I created these themes just after completing my GCSE’s and at the time I was ecstatic with the result considering my young age.

Tide - CM12 Theme

Tide was my only Cyanogen Mod 12 theme, it was based on the success of my previous coastal theme Crust. The styling was based on the sea, so it included blue, greys and whites throughout the interface.

Crust - CM11 Theme

As my forest woodland styled theme Lush was downloaded many more times than my geometric theme Glaze I decided to stay with the idea of making another natural design. Crust CM11 theme was based on the costal environment.

Lush - CM11 Theme

Living near to the forest mixing technology with the outdoors always interested me. Therefore, I decided to make my second theme styled around being in the forest.

Glaze - CM11 Theme

Glaze was my first attempt at producing content for the Google Play Store. I loved styling the interface of my phone with other designer’s graphics. This inspired me to learn how to create my own using Android Developer Studio and develop my Adobe Photoshop skillset.