Logitech Action Camera Mock-up

Brand Selection

During my studies at the University of Plymouth we were given the brief of creating a new product to expand a chosen brand into a new market. I selected Logitech as the brand I wanted to foucs on.

Logitech's Brand Voice

For a new product idea, I decided an action camera would be appropriate as they already have similar devices such as webcams and microphones. This proves they have the technical capability to manufacture it. Their current ranges are targeted towards home office users where as an action camera would hopefully bring in new customers such as are outdoor fanatics.

New User Group

The new user group I wanted to centre the action camera for was tech savvy mountain bikers. I used secondary sources to understand what types of products and brands they may already be loyal to help develop a design suited to their needs.

Final Outcome

After drawing many different action camera designs for Logitech, I used Fusion360 to model my final solution. In addition, I created three camera mounting mechanism concepts for mountain bikers. This is one of the many presentational pages I produced to explain the features and functions.

Final Outcome

This presentational page explains how this action camera concept is technically viable and feasible for Logitech to pursue. It also explains what materials and processes could be used to manufacture the action camera.